Music Man Albert Lee – Mini Review


I made a little visit to Guitar Center after dinner tonight (a dangerous habit). I’ve been looking at these Music Man Albert Lee models for quite some time but have never played one. This one isn’t much of a looker with the plain wood finish. (kinda boring actually) The all-rosewood neck had perfectly finished frets but was too skinny for my taste. It’s too bad, it played great and the 5 different pickup sounds were very versatile. Les Paul, Tele, and Strat tones in one guitar. Fit and finish were flawless. It even had a compensating nut (Buzz Feiten) to improve the intonation. And that all-rosewood neck!! MM needs to offer a more traditional neck contour as an option – they’d sell a lot of them.

While I was there, I picked up a couple of MM John Petrucci models. Again – beautiful finish, very versatile pickup system, great playability but the necks were too small for me.

These guitars are on par with the high-end, boutique brands out there. But, I’d recommend trying one out to see if you like the neck size first.

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