Pedal Tape

Here’s an interesting product…a dual sided tape to secure effect pedals to the pedal board. Velcro is the usual method but unfortunately can pull stickers and paint off the back of a pedal. This tape sticks and then releases with a twist. The tape is part of a Kickstarter project for Blackbird’s new Stealth pedalboard design.

Link to the Blackbird Kickstarter project:
Link to the project

Tape video
Pedal board tape

Conceptually, this is a good idea. I believe the assumption is that you’d use this with a flat board rather than a slotted Pedaltrain design. It might work with a Pedaltrain design if there is enough contact area. Probably the biggest advantage is that this tape would work great with the typical do-it-yourself pedalboard made from a sheet of plywood.

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