Cleartone Strings

The Godin guitar came with 12s. They sounded great acoustically but were a bear to bend. Yeah…I know – it’s a jazz guitar – stop being a wimp. Anyway, Guitar Center was blowing out Cleartone stings and I picked up an 11 gauge pack. In short – I like them! I’ve used Elixers in the past and while they do last a long time, you really feel the coating. The Cleartone strings feel normal to me. (Kudos – they also came in an eco-friendly package)

The 11s feel perfect on the Godin – not quite as acoustically loud but will be much nicer to play.



Not exactly a rock and roll topic. But, after some research I realized that my homeowner’s policy basically was useless. It turns out that you must have specialized musical instrument insurance if you have anything valuable. Clarion insurance seemed to be the best deal out there with the most comprehensive coverage. Anyway….this ended up being a new topic in the book!

Tele switches

Yeah….Leo nailed just about everything on a Telecaster….except that darn switch cover. I’ve always done the tape trick but quite a few recommend other techniques such as crazy glue (dangerous to your finish!). I put a little section on that together as well as how to get stickers and sharpie signatures off your guitarr.