Annual Editions!

I had a great suggestion from Pappy of the Fifth Fret blog. Since equipment changes constantly, why not do an annual release of the book. So – maybe the title will be “2013 Guitar Gear FAQ” or “Guitar Gear FAQ – 2013 Edition”. Anyway, this addresses my concerns about keeping the book relevant over time and be able to deal with suggestions, corrections, and omissions.

Thanks Pappy!

My head is spinnging

The eBook publishing world is all over the place. Each of the sellers (Apple, Amazon, etc.) do their own thing and put restrictions in to screw one another. Formatting the books is a whole other mess. There’s a number of formats and none of them have a nice layout like a paper book. Oh well…just more to learn.

Another busy day

Relicing, Strat springs & their adjustment, quartersawn/flatsawn necks, and bolt-on/set necks.  Whew.

I started into a discussion about discharging filter capacitors but I’m concerned about liability issues.  All I need is a giant lawsuit because someone got killed by their amp.  Instead, I decided to talk about the issues and point folks to some web references.  (heck – I’m nervous messing around in my amp and have some idea about what I’m doing)

I’m also started sizing the images to make the book file size smaller (shaved 1/3 off!).


A few sections done today….

Today I drafted sections on truss rod adjustment, action height, tremolo vs. vibrato, and guitar weight.  There’s actually some nice material on the web about truss rod adjustment so I didn’t go into great depth. I think a lot of players have unnecessary fear about touching the truss rod.  Hopefully, I can ease that.  Guitar weight is a pet peeve of mine… many people posting how essential it is to have their Les Paul or Strat weigh a certain amount.