The Best….

The guitar forum posts I truly loath are “What’s the best…?”. I fully intended to leave any mention of “best” out of this book. The fact is, there’s just no best of anything. But, after seeing a post asking for “The best amp for a MIM Strat” I almost screamed out loud. The fact that a guitar is made in Mexico has zero relevance to an amp. But, it’s a forum and these questions get asked. After seeing that aggravating question, I posted this:

Title: “Ban the word ‘Best’ for title threads

I’m being somewhat facetious, but scroll down and look at some of these threads… “best amp”, “best speaker”. These threads are just a list of whatever gear the repliers have that they think is so great. And given that it’s TGP…it’s whatever the think is great this week…because next week, you know they’ll be quietly dumping their best in the emporium and buying the next….best.

There’s no best anything. Although, I have to say that Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream is about as close as you can get. (Or was it Phish Food?)


But, one reply to my rant made me think. Their suggestion was that I should think of these threads as a naive way of asking “What are your recommendations?” OK, I can deal with that question.

For high end and boutique gear, recommendations are too subjective and depend on way too many variables. But, for entry level equipment, there actually are a number of tried and true recommendations for guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and accessories. So…why not? I’m going to try to tackle this. And….I’m sure this will probably be the most controversial part of the book.


A put together a nice section about attenuators today. I can’t live without my Weber Minimass….it’s the only way I can even use most of my amps without getting in trouble.
It hit upon me that I really need to try the Badcat Unleashed. It’s such a revolutionary product that neglecting to mention it would be glaring. But where to find one?

Another busy day

Relicing, Strat springs & their adjustment, quartersawn/flatsawn necks, and bolt-on/set necks.  Whew.

I started into a discussion about discharging filter capacitors but I’m concerned about liability issues.  All I need is a giant lawsuit because someone got killed by their amp.  Instead, I decided to talk about the issues and point folks to some web references.  (heck – I’m nervous messing around in my amp and have some idea about what I’m doing)

I’m also started sizing the images to make the book file size smaller (shaved 1/3 off!).



I’ve put together four topics tonight. I’m currently working on tubes (e.g., types, which tubes can be substituted for others, etc). This will end up being a couple of sections as there’s so much to say.