More and Less

It’s a real struggle to decide what to keep and what to pull from the book. I could probably continue writing forever. But, yesterday I bit the bullet and drew the line in the sand. I stopped adding new chapters and pulled ones out that weren’t written. The editing begins.

The Hard Part & Taylor Solidbody Electric

Wellllll….for me that is. The editing process has begun. I’ve printed sections of the book and will do the review on paper. For some reason, changing media helps me see problems. Anyway, this will just be a slug-fest until I push through the material.

I had a little renewed love-fest with the Taylor Custom Walnut top solidbody electric this weekend. I can’t fathom why these guitars are not a huge hit. The playability is amazing, great tones, comfortable feel, light – it’s all there. New, this guitar was $2K but I’ve seen a number for sale on Ebay for $1.5K. That’s a steal for an instrument of this quality.

Amazon meta stuff

I put together the Amazon “About the author” and “About the book” blurbs for when I publish the book. I’m still on the fence about what to do with the publishing on iBooks through Smashmouth. I wish it were clear about what to do. But, the consistent message I see is that almost all downloads are on Amazon. (they certainly make it easier)

Tele switches

Yeah….Leo nailed just about everything on a Telecaster….except that darn switch cover. I’ve always done the tape trick but quite a few recommend other techniques such as crazy glue (dangerous to your finish!). I put a little section on that together as well as how to get stickers and sharpie signatures off your guitarr.

5 Pedals for $500

I’m adding recommendations to the book. Guitars and Amps I feel pretty confident about. Pedals, not so much. There’s too much subjectivity and variety. So, I figured that I might post these threads on TGP and TDPRI to generate some data. It was kind of a risk as I’m out there now and also could be banned if the moderators didn’t like it. So far, some good response. Feel free to add and bump the threads:

Annual Editions!

I had a great suggestion from Pappy of the Fifth Fret blog. Since equipment changes constantly, why not do an annual release of the book. So – maybe the title will be “2013 Guitar Gear FAQ” or “Guitar Gear FAQ – 2013 Edition”. Anyway, this addresses my concerns about keeping the book relevant over time and be able to deal with suggestions, corrections, and omissions.

Thanks Pappy!